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Brock Introduces New GrainDrive™ T1000 Tube Conveyors

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — The new Brock GrainDrive™ Tube Conveyor provides a heavy-duty option for moving grain in storage and drying operations. Having a durable, long-lasting system is crucial when you are moving thousands of bushels of grain every day.

Brock Takes Variability Out of the Grain Drying Equation with New TrueGrain™ Moisture Sensor System

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Measuring moisture levels on grain that is moving through a dryer at up to 10,000 bushels per hour (250 metric tons) is a complex task. There are many areas where variability can be introduced into the process.

Brock Adds 3500 Series Commercial Sweeps to Grain Handling Lineup

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock's 3500 Series Commercial Sweeps give commercial grain elevators and large farm operations another tool to remove grain from storage bins. These sweeps are built to withstand heavy loads of corn and other grains held in large bins up to 156 feet (47.5 m) in diameter.

Brock Introduces 1500 Series Power Sweeps

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has expanded its lineup of on-farm and commercial grain bin sweeps. New Brock® 1500 Series Power Sweeps add heavy-duty options for unloading grain bins and provide zero-bin-entry to protect the safety of grain bin operators.

Brock Introduces Easy-To-Use INTUI-DRY™ Grain Dryer Controller

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has introduced its INTUI-DRY™ Dryer Control to provide on-farm and commercial grain operators with simplified monitoring and control of their Brock grain dryers. The new controller takes the place of Brock’s popular QUANTUM® and SPECTRUM® Dryer Controls.

Brock Adds Million-Bushel Capacity Models to Its Line of EVEREST® E-Series Grain Bins

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has added high-capacity models to its new line of EVEREST® E-Series Grain Storage Bins. The new bin models are 132- and 156-feet (40.2 m and 47.5 m) in diameter and offer maximum storage capacities of up to 1.24-million and 1.3-million-bushels respectively. The new line of bins now also offers Brock’s unique EVEREST SUMMIT SYSTEM™ to more efficiently and uniformly connect the bins with LeMar™ Catwalk And Tower Support Systems.

Brock M-Series™ Commercial Grain Storage Bins Receive 2011 AE50 Award for Innovative Technology

Milford, Ind., March 3, 2011 – Brock Grain Systems’ M-Series™ Commercial Grain Storage Bins were honored recently as one of the 50 recipients of the 2011 AE50 Awards, presented by ASABE – the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.  The annual award recognizes the world’s best technology innovations introduced the previous year for the agricultural, food and biological systems industries.

Brock M-Series™ Million-Bushel Capacity Grain Bin Featured at Frontier Cooperative David City Open House Celebration

MILFORD, Ind., August 17, 2010 – America’s largest volume corrugated steel grain bin with a free-span roof will be featured in an open house celebration August 26 at Frontier Cooperative in David City, Nebraska. The galvanized steel grain bin measures 156 feet (47.5 m) in diameter with an eave height of 70 feet (21.3 m) and an overall height of 112 feet (34.1 m). The Brock M-Series™ Bin has a storage capacity of 1.34 million bushels of grain.

Brock Introduces M-Series™ Line of Million-Bushel Capacity Grain Bins With Free-Span Roof Structure and SMOOTHCORR™ Sidewall System

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has introduced its M-Series™ line of commercial grain storage bins featuring single bin capacities over a million bushels. The largest of the new BROCK® M-Series™ Bin models is 156 feet (47.5 m) in diameter with a free-span roof, a SMOOTHCORR™ Sidewall System and a storage capacity of 1.34 million bushels of grain.

New Brock® Commercial Tower Grain Dryers Offer Higher Capacities

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has unveiled a new continuous-flow BROCK® Commercial Tower Grain Dryer with capacities ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 bushels (75 to175 metric tons) per hour. The new Brock dryer incorporates some of the best qualities of Brock’s MEYER ENERGY MISER™ Tower Grain Dryers while also adding some new features.

BROCK PARTHENON® Aeration Floor Support Named AE50 Innovation Award Winner

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems’ PARTHENON® Aeration Floor Support has been selected as an AE50 Outstanding Innovations Award winner for 2006. The award is sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers’ Resource magazine and recognizes the top 50 innovations in agriculture produced during 2005 that help to improve and enhance agricultural, biological, food and related industries.

Brock’s Unique Aeration Floor Support Sets Standard For Grain Bin Aeration Floors

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has developed a unique grain bin aeration floor support system that could set a new design standard for the bin aeration floors of the future. Brock’s PARTHENON® Support System is an innovative floor support designed specifically for use with Brock’s award-winning TRI-CORR® Aeration and Drying Floor. The new floor system can be used for aerating a variety of grain types, including canola.

SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series Dryers Offer Quiet, Efficient On-Farm Grain Drying

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — Brock Grain Systems has recently introduced the SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series Grain Dryers. The new dryers are full heat continuous flow to provide farmers with several options for drying grain. Depending on the options chosen, these innovative dryers can provide full heat, pressure heat/pressure cool or pressure heat/vacuum cool drying modes to meet on-farm grain drying needs.

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