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Brock Introduces New GrainDrive™ T1000 Tube Conveyors

MILFORD, Indiana, U.S.A. — The new Brock GrainDrive™ Tube Conveyor provides a heavy-duty option for moving grain in storage and drying operations. Having a durable, long-lasting system is crucial when you are moving thousands of bushels of grain every day.

The GrainDrive T1000 Tube Conveyor offers more capacity and speed than a standard auger. It also provides steeper inclines at a lower overall cost than standard or curved incline drag conveyors. It is built with strong standard components like Dodge SCM bearings. If an application requires higher horsepower, longer runs or steeper inclines, Brock upgrades their conveyors with spherical S2000 head bearings.

Tube conveyors have been on the market for several years, offering commercial and on-farm operations an efficient and fast way to transfer grain to bins or drying systems. These conveyors feature a moving chain that travels through two tubes in an over-under configuration to make a complete loop. They are also known as double-run or double-barrel conveyors.

“Since Brock wasn’t the first to come out with this type of product, we knew we had to do something unique,” says John Tuttle, vice president of sales and marketing for Brock Grain Systems. “That’s why we focused on using heavier-duty components while making the GrainDrive™ T1000 more flexible to install and easier to maintain.”

GrainDrive T1000 Tube Conveyors are available with a TAII drive motor or an even more efficient direct-drive MTA option.

Inclines are supported up to 45° with inlets and discharge transitions available in 0°, 30° and 45° increments to give owners more flexibility during installation.

The GrainDrive T1000 is also designed so drives and chains are maintained in the same location. For most applications using tail drives, chain tensioning can be adjusted from the ground.

“It is crucial that we provide tools that help farming operations and grain processors deliver top quality grain to their customers,” explains Jim Kraft, product director for Brock. “The GrainDrive Tube Conveyor was built with this mission in mind.”

The GrainDrive T1000 is available in three model sizes with capacities from 4,000 to 10,000 bushels per hour (102 to 254 MTPH).

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