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Get Quiet, Efficient Performance With Double-Inlet Fans

Why consider a GUARDIAN® Series Double-Wide, Double-Inlet (DWDI) Centrifugal Fan for grain bin aeration? The Brock DWDI fans offer:

  • High efficiency.
  • Lower noise.
  • Less energy requirements than single-inlet fans to generate the same airflow volume.

Brock’s GUARDIAN® DWDI Centrifugal Fans promote uniform, efficient air movement into the grain bin. The double-wide double-inlet unit also offers easy access to motors for servicing as needed. This fan has the added advantage that the same motor can be used for both high-speed and low-speed fan options.

Engineered for Superior Efficiency

Factory-Balanced Centrifugal Wheels
Factory-balanced centrifugal wheels provide smooth, efficient fan operation aided by Brock’s cable suspension mounts for hanging fans from the bin’s sidewall. Cable suspension makes it easier to clean under the fan and is 50% less than the cost of a concrete foundation. A concrete foundation option is available.

Variable-Frequency Drive
These Brock Fans are Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) capable. They may be used with a VFD to help provide more precise control of the fan’s speed and energy consumption.

Durably Built for Long Service Life

Reliable Belt Drive
Belt-drive operation offers quieter (3 dB less), smoother fan operation with less vibration compared to direct drive single inlet fans. It also makes drive system maintenance easy.

The fan safety guard has been removed to show the belt drive in this photo.

Strong Motor Mounts
Fan motor mounts are located on the transition housing to eliminate the typical added suspension needed for the motor along with potential strain on fan motor bearings. Future fan motor upgrades to higher horsepower are also easier.

Low- and High-Speed Fan Models Available

Low-speed fan models offer high airflows at low to medium static pressures for larger storage bins. High-speed fan models offer low airflows at high static pressures for more efficient aeration of tall stored grain heights.

Choice of 30-, 40- or 50-Horsepower Motors
Reliable Control Box

A standardized control box is used with all Brock GUARDIAN® Series fans and heaters.

  • Controls are specifically matched to each fan or heater unit.
  • Control boxes are made of durable polycarbonate and include a hinged translucent cover.
  • The control housing is weather- and dust-proof and rodent-resistant.
  • Standard components are used for safe and reliable motor control.
  • Adjustable overload protection is included.
  • Brock heater controls use an industrial-design ignition transformer.
Double-Wide, Double-Inlet (DWDI) Centrifugal Fan:
Airflow Ratings Airflow Ratings

CFM at Static Pressure in Inches

Fan ModelHPFan Speed0.


Airflow ratings have been determined by an independent fan testing facility in accordance with AMCA Standard 210.
Contact your local Brock dealer for help in selecting a fan.
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AirSolver® Fan Selection Software
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