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Roof Eave Vent System — A Unique Solution for Better Ventilation

Instead of cutting holes in the roof to aid ventilation, Brock raises the roof up off the sidewalls with the innovative BROCK® Eave Vent System. In essence, the roof becomes the “mushroom” over the entire bin.

Brock’s customers love the patented BROCK Eave Vent System because it:

  • Works better.
  • Costs less.
  • Increases ventilation.
  • Lowers static pressure.
  • Eliminates roof cuts.
  • Has no opening or closing.

Superior Ventilation

With the roof raised on brackets beneath each roof rib, there is even ventilation around the entire circumference of the bin. Over each sidewall panel is a generous 180 square inches (1,160 square centimeters) of screened ventilation opening. The excellent ventilation lowers static pressure in the bin, and the screen keeps birds from entering.

Excellent Weatherproofing

Also around the entire circumference of the bin is a weather-guard baffle suspended from the roof ribs to keep rain and snow from entering the bin. Water running off the roof is deflected away from the baffle and sidewalls by the drip edge on the end of every roof panel.

Low Cost

The BROCK Eave-Vent System costs about 25% less than the same amount of venting with rooftop vents. And it works great with in-bin drying systems to get air and moisture up and out of the bin.

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