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Protect the Safety of You and Your Employees With Mid-Roof Walkarounds

There are many reasons to climb a grain bin — checking grain level and condition, maintaining temperature detection systems, servicing ventilators, inspecting roofs, checking bin equipment and more. BROCK® Mid-Roof Walkarounds are designed to meet or exceed relevant OSHA standards when installed properly to provide additional protection for employees working on your bins. Round handrails that are positioned at the right height and flooring with slip-resistant openings provide maximum traction and stability.

Improved Access for Repairs and Maintenance

The harder it is to access bins the more likely maintenance procedures won’t be completed — which can lead to larger, more costly problems down the road. That is why it is so important to provide easy and safe access to vents, fans and other equipment for repairs and maintenance.

Integrated Walkaround Solutions

BROCK® Mid-Roof Walkarounds are pre-engineered to integrate seamlessly with Brock’s EVEREST® Bins, stairways and ladders. With features like telescoping handrails, installation crews can install the system faster and easier than aftermarket solutions. You get Brock-engineered transitions from roof stairs, landings and walkarounds.

Designed to Hold People, Not Snow or Grain Fines

If not properly designed, some bin attachments can trap snow or grain fines on the roof. This needs to be considered when calculating roof load capacities. Brock engineers allowed plenty of clearance around roof connections to make sure the walkarounds do not trap snow or compromise peak loads.

Maintain Power Roof Exhausters

BROCK Walkarounds help you reach power roof exhausters for easier maintenance. Roof exhausters are frequently located near the top of the bin for optimized operation. On Brock’s EVEREST® Bins, the exhausters are mounted using a Brock-designed adapter plate to improve roof installation and sealing.


Mid-Roof Walkarounds

BROCK Mid-Roof Walkarounds are designed for Brock's bin diameters ranging from 36 to 156 feet (11 to 47.5 m). Mid-Roof Walkarounds for bin models 36 to 54 ft. (11 to 16.5 m) in diameter need to be equipped with Brock's high-capacity roof option.

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