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Precisely Dry Grain With the TrueGrain Moisture Sensor System

Grain dryers are only as accurate as their ability to measure moisture content and temperature. Most dryers measure variable heights of grain flowing across horizontally mounted moisture sensors.

With the TrueGrain™ Moisture Sensing System from Brock, grain is diverted through a vertical chamber at a constant speed using a metering wheel. This uniform sensing area prevents fines and condensation from accumulating which could distort measurements.

The result — a more consistent and accurate way to direct grain flow and measure grain moisture.

Improved accuracy with Parallel Sensing Technology™

Grain passes through a parallel sensing field in a fixed vertical chamber that is isolated from factors such as buildup of grain fines, ambient temperature, condensation and electrical noise. The temperature probe is also located in this chamber for accurate measurements.

Available Exclusively for BROCK Grain Dryers

The TrueGrain Moisture Sensor System is available on BROCK® Commercial Tower Dryers, MEYER ENERGY MISER® Tower Dryers, VECTOR™ ENERGY MISER® Mixed Flow Dryers and SUPERB ENERGY MISER® Low-Profile SQ Series Dryers. It works with Brock’s INTUI-DRY® Controller to provide moisture-based dryer control and remote monitoring.

Works with Brock’s INTUI-DRY® Controller

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