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Grain Transport Conveyors That Put Safety First

Brock’s LEMAR® high-capacity grain transport conveyors deliver the industry’s most safety-focused features plus pure driven workload to keep your operation at peak performance. We’ve engineered our 15,000 and 25,000 bph (529 and 881 m3/h) models with the convenience of one-man operation and safety in mind. These quality products deliver when you need safe, efficient support for your grain system.

Fail-Safe Hydraulic System

Each unit features a fail-safe hydraulic system including a hydraulically adjusted directional grain diverter, hydraulic height adjusted directional grain diverter, hydraulic height adjustability, hydraulic ramps that replace mechanical lifting and hydraulic drive wheels that allow easy movement to the next position.

Multiple Safety Features Built In

Safety features including a convenient interlocking control system and a powerful lifting system are now standard on all Brock LEMAR® Transport Conveyor models.

High-Capacity Slider Belt

A long-lasting, slider belt design improves capacity, and 15-foot (4.6-m) drive-over ramps provide easier access. The tail section keeps wheels out of the grain with no ballast.

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