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Eliminate Bridging & Blockage With WELL-GARD® Discharge Guards

Brock’s unique WELL-GARD® Discharge Guard will help ensure a continuous flow of grain out of the bin – even grain containing frozen or compacted chunks. By guarding the entire area of the well opening, the WELL-GARD Guard limits the bridging and blockage caused by these chunks of grain.

Unique Design for Breaking up Chunks

Brock’s WELL-GARD System is designed to cut up or break up chunks threatening to block the discharge well of the bin. The pyramid-shaped guard is also engineered to stop chunks that will not break up, allowing grain to continue flowing around the chunk and into the well.

The guard attaches to the discharge well to prevent dislodging during the filling of the bin. Yet, the guard can easily be removed to permit the installation of a sweep auger.

Heavy-Duty Design for Long Service Life

The WELL-GARD System is constructed of heavy-gauge, galvanized steel for a long, rust-resistant life.


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