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Gravity Roof Vent Options to Meet Your Needs

Brock offers two styles of gravity roof ventilators to help provide free air movement into the bin:

  • Elbow-style roof vents
  • Round mushroom-style roof vents

All of Brock’s rooftop vent styles are designed to minimize the chance for leakage. Factory die-cut openings and flanges in Brock’s roof panels help ensure a weather-tight seal.

Available Styles
Elbow-Style Vent

The Brock elbow-style roof vent offers 190 square inches (1,225 square centimeters) of ventilation opening.

Round Mushroom-Style Vent

The round mushroom-style vent from Brock provides 180 square inches (1,160 square centimeters) of opening. This type of roof vent provides air circulation no matter which way the wind is blowing.

Want a better solution to ventilation? Learn about our patented BROCK® Roof Eave Vent System.

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