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A Variety of Feed Bin Boots & Transitions

BROCK® Feed Bins offer producers the choice of either 16- or 25-inch (406- or 635-mm) diameter hopper openings and boot transitions for attaching the feed delivery auger system to the feed bin.

A Universal Parts Kit is also available for Brock’s four- or six-inch (102- or 152-mm) diameter rigid auger feed delivery systems. It will fit both the 16-inch and 25-inch (406- or 635-mm) Boot Systems and allows easy adjustment of the incline angle of the rigid auger system.

Available Styles
16-Inch (406-mm) Boot System

A feed bin can’t do its job if it won’t feed out right. That’s why Brock has built some special features into its 16-inch (406-mm) diameter boot system:

  • Brock’s molded polycarbonate transitions offer high strength and high impact resistance and promote a smooth flow of feed from the bin to the delivery system.
  • A red translucent boot transition allows producers to visually inspect feed flow to the bin’s boot and auger system.
  • Weather-resistant boot design.
  • Slide shut-off valve is included with the boot system.
  • Rugged galvanized steel boot bottom is rounded inside to ensure complete clean-out by the auger system.

Brock’s 16-inch (406-mm) diameter boot system also offers you a wide selection of bin boots, including:

  • 30° (discharge angle) boot.
  • Straight-out boot.
  • Twin boot system to allow the bin to supply feed to two Brock FLEX-AUGER® Feed Delivery Systems.
  • Straight-through tandem system which attaches to two feed bins.
25-Inch (635-mm) Boot System

For some applications, Brock’s weather-resistant, galvanized steel 25-inch (635-mm) diameter boot system may be more desirable to use. Features for this system include:

  • Single or twin boot systems.
  • Twin boot system gives users “mix and match” versatility for using two different Brock FLEX-AUGER System models and to service multiple feeding systems from one bin.

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