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Feed Bin Ladder Security Door for Added Biosecurity

To aid producers in their biosecurity measures, Brock has developed a ladder lock-out system. This economical Ladder Security Door helps to restrict unauthorized access to the outside ladder on feed or grain storage bins and silos.

Attaches to Bin’s Exterior Ladder to Discourage Unauthorized Use

The Ladder Security Door attaches securely to the feed or grain bin’s exterior ladder to discourage its unauthorized use. The hinged ladder cover closes and locks over several ladder rungs.

The Ladder Door measures 76 x 18.75 inches (1930 x 476 mm).

Heavy-Duty Construction

The door features all-galvanized steel construction for low maintenance and durability.

Compatible With New and Existing Bins

Brock’s Ladder Security Door is optional and can be installed on all new as well as most existing BROCK® and CHORE-TIME® Feed Storage Bins/Silos and BROCK® Grain Storage Bins/Silos.


Ladder Door measures 76 x 18.75 inches (1,930 x 476 mm).


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