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Reliable Controls for GUARDIAN® Series Fans & Heaters

A standardized control box is used with all Brock GUARDIAN® Series fans and heaters.

  • Controls are specifically matched to each fan or heater unit.
  • Control boxes are made of durable polycarbonate and include a hinged translucent cover.
  • The control housing is weather- and dust-proof and rodent-resistant.
  • Standard components are used for safe and reliable motor control.
  • Adjustable overload protection is included.
  • Brock heater controls use an industrial-design ignition transformer.

Fans & Heaters
Axial Fans
The economical GUARDIAN® Series Vane Axial Aeration Fans offer high airflows at low static pressures.
Centrifugal Fans
The BROCK® Aeration System product line offers both low- and high-speed Centrifugal Aeration Fans.
Centrifugal In-Line Fans
Centrifugal In-Line Aeration Fans offer low airflows at high static pressures.
Brock’s GUARDIAN® Heaters are a natural choice for in-bin grain drying.
Direct Engine-Drive Fans
The Brock GUARDIAN® Series Low-Speed (1750 RPM) Centrifugal Fan is designed for direct engine-drive use.
Double-Inlet Fans
Double-Wide, Double-Inlet (DWDI) Centrifugal Fans offer high efficiency, low noise and low energy requirements.

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