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High-Quality Rigid Auger Conveying Systems

When you need a solid-core auger system for conveying some feeds from your feed bin, consider one of Brock’s high quality Rigid Auger Systems. Brock offers a choice of either a 4- or 6-inch (102- or 152-mm) diameter auger system for limited feed handling and grain moving applications.

Both rigid auger systems and their accessories are manufactured to meet the high quality standards Brock’s customers have come to expect from the broad line of BROCK® Feed and Grain Storage Bins.

4- and 6-Inch Diameter Auger Systems Available
Manufactured to Meet Brock’s High Quality Standards
Boot Configurations and Transitions

A variety of bin boot configurations and transitions from 30° (incline angle) to straight-out bin outlet boots are offered.

BROCK® Universal Parts Kit

The BROCK® Universal Parts Kit  is designed for use with a 30° boot to adjust the auger incline angle from 5° below horizontal to a full 65° above.

Galvanized Steel Transitions

Brock also offers 7.5° and 15° galvanized steel transitions for modifying the 30° boot transition angle. The transitions attach to the bottom of both the 16- and 25-inch (406- and 635-mm) diameter boot transitions.


4- or 6-inch (102- or 152-mm) Diameter Rigid Auger System


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