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Move Grain to Multiple Bins With the SUPER-AIR® Distributor

The Grain Distributor Unit for the SUPER-AIR® Pneumatic Conveying System provides multiple outlets to make it convenient to use one power source for moving grains to multiple storage bins. This Grain Distributor offers producers a flexible option for expanding their Brock SUPER-AIR Pneumatic Conveying System in more complex bin layouts.

How Brock’s Grain Distributor Works:

  • The distributor handle is used to manually disengage the inner spout from the conveyor line outlet. This allows the spout to be moved to another outlet.
  • A hand wheel is used to turn the inner spout to the desired conveyor line outlet.
  • The operator then uses the distributor handle to engage and lock the self-centering inner spout in place on the desired conveyor line outlet.
  • Brock’s SUPER-AIR® System is now ready to pneumatically convey grain to another bin or location in the storage complex.

A Variety of Outlet Diameters for Pneumatic Conveyor Lines
  • You can choose 4-, 5-, or 6-inch (102-, 127- or 152-mm) diameter outlets for pneumatic conveyor lines.
  • Two outlets are included with each grain distributor. Additional outlets can be added — up to a total of eight outlets per distributor.
Specially Designed Inner Spout
  • The heavy gauge offset inner spout quickly and easily re-routes grain to conveyor line outlets.
  • The inner spout is tapered to self-center easily and lock in place with the conveyor line outlet.
SUPER-AIR® System Handles a Diversity of Grain Types
Durable, Low Maintenance and Easy to Install

The distributor is factory-assembled and easy to install. This unit’s galvanized steel construction offers durability and low maintenance.


Diameter Outlet Sizes*

Inches (MM)
4 in. (102 mm)
5 in. (127 mm)
6 in. ( 152 mm)
* Eight outlets per distributor. Two outlets are included with each grain distributor.
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