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The Dependable, High-Performance 1500 Series Power Sweep

Brock looked at all the details to get every bit of performance and durability possible out of the 1500 Series Power Sweeps.

Bin Diameters
15-60 feet (4.6-18.3 m)
Maximum Eave Height
107 feet (32.6 m)
Auger Diameters
8 or 10 inches (203 or 254 mm)
Capacity Range
Up to 5,500 bushels (140 metric tons) per hour

Heavy-Duty Construction

Bulletproof Gearboxes

  • Brock 1500 Series Power Sweeps are built around robust center gearboxes.
  • An internal spring-loaded shifting mechanism engages cogs for maximum gear life and performance.
  • Gearbox housings are designed with two aluminum halves for easy service and maintenance.

Heavy-Duty Powerheads

  • Horizontal, incline or vertical powerheads are available.
  • Motor mounts standardized across all motor sizes.
  • Under-floor auger can be removed without detaching motor.
  • Angle ring connection mount.
  • Rectangular discharge spouts.

Rack & Pinion

  • Gear reduction mechanism increases cranking torque for easier sump operation.
  • Square shaft handle for positive engagement.

Super-Edge™ Flighting

  • Increases thickness of the auger edge by 30% to increase longevity and performance.
  • Brock is one of the few manufacturers that offer commercial-grade durability on a power sweep.
  • Adds strength to the auger without adding weight or extra wear on gearboxes.
  • Auger is positioned level with bottom of backboard for reduced sweep drag and improved bin cleanout.
Highly Refined Drive Wheel Offers Superior Performance
  • Patented open-style design.
  • 16:1 reduction ratio maximizes longevity.
  • Open treads maintain contact with the floor for maximum traction and do not climb piled grain.
  • Individual tread adjustment accommodates uneven bin floors.
  • Drive wheel is mounted in-line with the auger for constant height and proper weight distribution.
High-Capacity Center Sump
  • Enlarged center sump maximizes capacity.
  • Patented shift mechanism simplifies sweep engagement.
  • Patented Shaft Seal Boot prevents grain from falling under the bin.
  • Removable sump top flange for easy installation and service.
Optional Accessories
  • Wheel fender for drive wheel
  • Brock WELL-GARD® Discharge Guard
  • Intermediate sump supports
  • Lower gearbox enclosure
  • Sweep stop

1500 Series Power Sweep

Unload AugerSweep Auger
Drive Wheel Reduction
Bin Diameter
Maximum Eave Height
Unload Capacity*
8 in. (203 mm) RT6 in. (152 mm)
15 - 60 ft (4.57 - 18.3 m)
107 ft (32.6 m)
Up to 3,000 bph
10 in. (254 mm) RT8 in. (203 mm)
15 - 60 ft (4.57 - 18.3 m)
107 ft (32.6 m)
Up to 5,000 bph
10 in. (254 mm) UT8 in. (203 mm)
15 - 60 ft (4.57 - 18.3 m)
107 ft (32.6 m)
Up to 5,500 bph

Unload Capacity Note

*Capacities in bushels per hour are based on sweep system disengaged and with dry, free-flowing grain.

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