Brock Grain Systems - 65 Years

Safeguarding Your
Grain® Since 1957

Grain Storage

More Profitable Grain Drying

TrueGrain™ Moisture Sensor System

Brock's Bucket Elevator Towers offer sturdy support.

Playing a Supporting Role

Grain Structures

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New GrainDrive™ Tube Conveyors Are Gentle On Grain and Energy Efficient!

Protect the Safety of You and Your Employees With Mid-Roof Walkarounds
There are many reasons to climb a grain bin — checking grain level and condition, maintaining temperature detection systems, servicing ventilators, inspecting roofs, checking bin equipment and more. BROCK® Mid-Roof Walkarounds are designed to meet or exceed relevant OSHA standards when installed properly to provide additional protection for employees working on your bins.

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