Wet grain goes in.
Dry grain comes out.

Introducing INTUI-DRY®  Dryer Control
from Brock Grain Systems.

It's like taking the power and precision of mission control, and putting it inside an easy-to-use 15.6 inch touch-screen display.

INTUI-DRY® Dryer Control is innovative. It's intuitive. It's mission control made simple. The INTUI-DRY Controller's proven drying algorithms and straightforward controls take grain drying to the next level.

Built from the ground up

From the solid-state components to the all-new software system, Brock took a clean-slate approach to build one of the most reliable and intuitive dryer management systems. INTUI-DRY Control also has quick connectors and fewer components for easy maintenance.
Easy connections
It connects to your dryer with standard Ethernet cable.
If your grain system already has PLC controls, INTUI-DRY Control can communicate with the PLC using industry-standard protocols.
Remote control
Web-based monitoring of Brock's INTUI-DRY Dryer Controller gives you enhanced remote access through your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer - so you can monitor and control your dryer system anytime, nearly anywhere.
More reasons to choose Brock dryers
INTUI-DRY Control is yet another innovation that makes Brock dryers stand out from the crowd.
  • True moisture-based control utilizing incoming and outgoing grain moisture sensors
  • Quiet centrifugal fans
  • Full flame-wall burners
  • Patented MOISTURE EQUALIZER® System helps maintain grain quality
  • Gentle grain handling dryer unload system

See the screens below to see just how simple and intuitive it is to use the new INTUI-DRY Dryer Control.

The OVERVIEW screen gives you a snapshot of dryer operation and performance. Its large, 15.6 inch touch screen provides user-friendly dryer setup and operation. Find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

The SYSTEMS screen provides detailed access and control of main dryer systems.

The GRAPHS screen clearly outlines both wet and dry moisture percentages, so you can track trends throughout the day or further back in time.

The ALARMS screen lets you quickly see alarm events with codes and accurate time stamps.

It's not rocket science.

It's INTUI-DRY® Dryer Control.

Contact your local Brock dealer for a demonstration of this controller and for more information. 

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