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Deb Good Honored As 2017 Recipient Of Corbett Award From GEAPS

Deb Good Awarded 2017 Corbett Award
Deb Good was presented with the 2017 Corbett Award at the GEAPS Exchange by Associates Board members Colin McClure (right) and Darren Zink. The award recognizes GEAPS Associate members who have demonstrated extraordinary volunteer leadership.

KANSAS CITY, Missouri, U.S.A. — Deb Good, District Manager for Brock Grain Systems, was named the 2017 recipient of the Corbett Award during the annual Exchange meeting of GEAPS (The Grain Elevator and Processing Society).

The award was presented by GEAPS Associates Board President Colin McClure during the President’s Banquet at the GEAPS Exchange 2017 in Kansas City. Good was nominated for the award by her peers in the organization.

Good has served in the grain industry for 44 years and has been an associate member of GEAPS since 1995.

“When I detassled corn in Mason City, Illinois, in the late 60s, I vowed that I would not choose a career that had anything to do with corn, bugs, and the like,” she said. “I never imagined that I would be at this podium. Receiving the highest associate peer acknowledgment, the Corbett Award, is extremely humbling.”

Good attended her first Exchange in 1996 in New Orleans, and joined the Exchange Educational Programming Committee (EPC) shortly after. She served on the committee for 20 years. She also served on the Associates Board of Directors, the International Executive Committee, GEAPS Foundation Governing Board and Exchange Host Advisory Council.

She was the second female president of the Associates Board.

Good is particularly proud of the some of the projects she worked on with the EPC, including the creation of the Expo Pods and expansion of the overall education program. Expo Pods are curtained-off areas in the GEAPS Expo Hall that offer equipment demonstrations for small groups of people. The pods have proven to be a popular draw for attendees as they provide up-close, hands-on learning opportunities.

“Deb started in the industry in the 80s and worked her way up to become a district sales manager, a position she has held for 30 years,” McClure said. “This was a time period when we had very few women in positions of leadership or management. Deb helped pave the way for many others in the grain handling, processing and storage industry. Her leadership and involvement in all aspects of GEAPS make her very deserving of this award.”

The Corbett Award is named in honor of GEAPS lifetime member John Corbett. The GEAPS Associate Board of Directors bestows the Corbett Award to recognize associate members who have demonstrated extraordinary volunteer leadership on behalf of all associate members in the pursuit of GEAPS’ mission and achievement of its general objectives.

GEAPS (The Grain Elevator and Processing Society) is an international professional society dedicated to providing its members with forums to generate leadership, innovation and excellence in grain-related industry operations. Currently, thirty GEAPS chapters are engaged in providing that same sort of forum for some 2,400 members across the U.S. and Canada. Those and other members around the world, exchange ideas and information through an array of programs and services including interpersonal networking, conferences, seminars, trade shows, publications and GEAPS’ Web site,

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