BROCK® Horizontal Drag Conveyors

BROCK SOLID® Horizontal Drag Conveyors
BROCK SOLID® Horizontal Drag Conveyors

The BROCK® Easy-Flo Drag Conveyors provide reliable, long-lasting performance in most grain handling applications.

The BROCK Sur-Flo Conveyors are designed for applications that require 24/7 operation.

Easy-Flo Conveyor Standards

  • All drives consist of shaft-mounted Class II reducer, sheaves, bushings, drive belts (2.0 Safety Factor), belt guard, torque arm bracket and motor mount.
  • Bottoms and side liners are made of hardened AR200 steel.
  • Galvanized finish standard. Stainless steel finish optional.
  • Conveyor sizes 9- x 13-inch (229- x 337-mm) thru 22- x 20-inch (559- x 514-mm) use UHMW chain return rollers. Conveyor sizes 26- x 20-inch (660- x 514-mm) and larger use a chain return rail system.
  • Flame cut steel, hardened rim C-hub sprocket. Split style is optional.
  • Maximum incline using standard equipment is 5°. Conveyors can be inclined to a maximum of 10° using close-spaced flights.
  • Standard 50 and 100 curve sections available for additional elevation of Easy-Flo and Sur-Flo conveyors.


Additional Sur-Flo Conveyor standards

  • Head and tail sections have lift out shafts and bearings for easy maintenance.
  • Bottom and side liners are made of AR400 steel.
  • Center pull take-up with hinged guide.
  • Walking tooth split sprockets. 
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