Taking a Balanced Approach

Brock® Enclosed Roller-Belt Conveyor System’s rugged design.
Brock® Enclosed Roller-Belt Conveyor System’s rugged design.

BROCK SOLID® Specifications

A smooth-operating conveyor system happens only by design. For an enclosed roller-belt conveyor that provides longer bearing life, smoother operation and minimizes vibrations, Brock incorporated the following design features:

  • Full-length shaft with positive-locking tapered bushings on idler pulleys provide uniform weight balance.
  • Pulley and bearing shaft is  1-1/4-inch (32 mm) diameter  for less deflection and longer conveyor bearing life.
  • Idler pulleys in the conveyor’s standard intermediate 10-foot (3-meter) sections are mounted on 5-foot (1.5-meter) centers for efficient belt operation and less spillage between carrying and return belts. Other intermediate section lengths are available.
  • Conveyor loading section features pulleys on 3-foot (914-mm)  centers for uniform belt loading and support at load points.
  • All idler pulleys are adjustable for belt training.
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